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Full Manuscript Consult, Deposit

1 payment of $250.00

This deposit will reserve your editing slot and allow you to schedule our initial 20 minute call, which we can do right away. We'll then discuss the right timeline for submitting your manuscript. If I'm not available as soon as you would like (that info is on my website), I will put you on my waitlist, as writers are often not ready for editing as soon as they'd hoped.

Once I receive your pages, I'll carefully read them and send you extensive line-by-line notes and a thorough editorial letter discussing such elements as voice, clarity, plot, emotional impact, character, and structure. Then we'll follow up with a 60-minute call to discuss any aspect of your novel or publishing goals.

  • One 20-minute consultation to help me understand you and your book
  • Thorough developmental notes on the project as a whole
  • Line-by-line notes on the page via comments and track changes
  • One 60-minute, post-edit telephone consultation to go over your plans for revision, address questions, and bounce around hypothetical solutions

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